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The wulfman

Naming conventions

1 min read

Some product names are quite clever, e.g. "iPhone". Others less so, e.g. "Aygo" (I see what you did there, Toyota!).

Not taking personal preferences into account, it's probably a very good idea to leave product naming to professionals, such as augurs, shamans, voodoo priests, or monkeys with typewriters.

Under __no circumstances__ must the naming process be left to the R&D department! Before you know it, you will have to deal with "Backup Interpreter Control Module Connector (alpha)" and "Loose anchor bolt retriever and transmitter - for US market only™".

If the milk is already spilt and you are being presented with a bunch of insane product names, don't waste your time crying over it. Simply start using acronyms: The "Loose anchor bolt retriever and transmitter" thus becomes a "LAB RAT", which is easier to handle anyway.

That'll teach them!